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It's totally UNREAL! As in not brand name: Better

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 00:00 -- Anne Zuber
For the longest time....seriously the longest time, I have wondered when the 7/11's of the world would wake up and smell the c#ap!  We love candy - but what we're being offered at these convenience stores is more like an insult that a candy.
Candy makers of old are turning over in their graves at the food science that has replaced Real - for cheaper, more shelf stable, and artificial ingredients...if you can even call them ingredients.
"ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS" - if you read it - it says right there in those two simple words: "NOT FOOD." Why we would ever put something in our mouths to eat that clearly says it's Not Food, is beyond me. I've done it too. It never feels good.
Check out the UnReal & simple way this family has decided to "UnJunk the World!"
Click the image above for a totally great video clip.
AND if you're wondering if I have tried any of their work...Yes, Yes I have - and it is totally better than the candy that inspired it. In so many ways. I'd buy a box of them...if I could be sure I wouldn't eat it all in a week. *wink.
VitalityGOODs solutes their efforts and the impetus.
Good dad. Good son. Good living.
-VitalityGOODs Kids- Their mommy throws away their conventional Halloween candy too.