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A Series; of Beneficial Quality

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 00:00 -- Anne Zuber

Spirit Science


*Offered with special thanks to our client and new friend, J.Toner

Have you seen this? Heard of Spirit Science on YouTube?
I have to say, YouTube is a source a great sharing, it is a mecca for learning and teaching and co-witnessing. Sometimes I search for information that passes beyond the regular. I search the outer reaches of the likely and I search the more narrow convictions of the widely known. I want to "Know" - the wide spectrum of what's thought; I want to discover what I can't think of on my own and to admire the creativity of my fellow humanity. In all this I find, often times, my own center; the truth for me that breaths in between the far reaches and the close at hand.
...is the creation of a young man; a twenty-something, year old young man. And just knowing how youthful he is in age - because of how good his video shares are - his small documentaries - I find HOPE. I find hopeful thinking.  It causes me to think, "If he knows...if this one young man can put together with such compelling detail, such powerful, simple and expansive concepts - if he can do this - then so so many others can too! And will!" 
 Please watch a few of his videos. I have linked one above. If you can, start with #1 and move right through them....You may want to watch a few of them more than once. You most certainly will want to share them with others, with your social networks. My children (12 & 8) speak of these videos from time to time and they ask me to put them on the computer for them - I am not sure if they just love the little dude - the character - or if something deeper is happening...either way - I say Yes.

In Miron Vitality Glassware - two of the three lights that effect the bounty held within the bottles and jars, are non-visible frequencies of light. These two energies harmonize with the one visible frequency: violet light. Together the three lights work to protect the inherent energy or bio-life (a.k.a vitality), of the held substance - causing an atmosphere of Nurturing. Teaching that unseen lights are real - that the non-visible does effect us and can in fact be beneficial, is a great part of the pleasure we take in sharing this product with the world.

~Nurture your Nature. 
All you do is sacred...