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STAMBA - Superfoods - Genius In a Bottle.

Mon, 04/07/2014 - 00:00 -- Anne Zuber

S T A M B A 



There is nothing like feeling fully fed & deeply nourished.

STAMBA - is a product Vitality Goods highly recommends. We can't all be David Wolfes' - or Raw Foodists or even eat as well as we'd like every day of our lives. STAMBA lets you rest your mind and KNOW you are taking good care of your body suit, that wondrous vehicle that we each are employed to care for - as best we can.

The nicest thing for me in taking STAMBA - besides this peace of mind, is I don't have to worry about eating first. I can take the full dose of four capsules at one time on an empty or full stomach and feel perfect! 




Remember! You get a FREE 200ml twist top Jar with every purchase of STAMBA Superfoods Blend; $16.00 VALUE.