A Happy & Bright 2017 to all!
"It has been such a joy!"
Keep on "Keeping it All Good..."

Oils & Butters

Organic oils and butters packaged in miron glass"Lotion." It has become the word, even more so than "moisturizer," to mean that which we use to heal or prevent dry skin. Oils and Butters though, these are the roots of this action..the tools from which this word "lotion" gains its power. Antioxidant genius is what organic, sustainably harvested and light protected oils are; rich in vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, and often anti-bacteria and anti-microbial, oils and butters feed our dermal layers from the outside in... So we say "Slather."  Slather, Slather, Slather organic oils and butters abundantly and daily upon your body and be rich, in youthful, healthy, toned, and balanced skin!


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