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Keep your food fresh by storing it in style. California-based Vitality Glassware's VioLiv line of elegant violet -glass containers block  damaging visible light while allowing enhancing UVA and infrared light to pass through, slowing the decomposition of natural substances. 

The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has tested the efficacy of violet glass by storing rosewater for two months in both brown and violet glass containers. Researchers found that the rosewater's aroma in the brown container decreased significantly but didn't change at all in the violet one. 

VioLiv glass brings optimal protection for oils, wine, nuts, seeds, spices, natural supplements, and other substances requiring long-term storage.

Choose from a range of shapes and sizes, from apothecary jars to round bottles to covered bowls. An ideal storage option for foodies who want to preserve great taste and for health care practitioners who want products kept in their optimum state.