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For the time being, all things being in a constant flow, we must declare the OUT OF STOCK nature of Vitality Glassware brand of genuine Miron glass. 
It has been our pleasure to serve this violet, bio-science glass and to, we think, uplift the potential for deeply Vital Lives in each and every one we have touched with our passionate work.  
To our loyal, sweet and generous customers - we share just this information for your comfort and closure: With our business remaining a small staff of dedicated educators and our attention primarily on consulting with fine natural body care manufacturers, the world of Amazon, spin off brand price wars and free shipping just sort of ate away at our ability to support our work. We probably stayed a bit too long actually, and you are all a part of why...it has been such a pleasure!
From 2008-2016 -VitalityGOODS was a small, independent business working to provide you, our premium and eco-conscious compadre with the highest in pro-active, wellness-enhancing, Vitality Glassware brand genuine Miron Glass.
Our shipping house:
Sebastopol, CA 95472

If you would like to contact us or should you require our attention, please use this form.