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High Times Review

High Times Magazine
Oct. 2010


Calling all (medicinal herb) enthusiasts and (herb) connoisseurs: It’s time to embrace the latest innovation in (herb) storage! Given all the herb jars and storage containers already on the market, smokers can have a hard time deciding on the best one to use for their choice (herbs). But now there’s a container with a difference: mmJars (Vitality jars) are made from a specially designed violet glass that filters out the light frequencies that can damage your (medicinals). Plus their high-grade foam seal helps to keep your favorite herb(s) fresher and tastier, remaining as good as the day it finished curing.

 These apothecary-style jars are available in a variety of sizes ranging from an eighth to half a pound.  mmJars (Vitality) are one-of-a-kind storage containers for true medicinal-quality (herb).

Price: Varies from $10 for the 1/8 jar to $120 for the ½ - pound canister.