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LA Confidential Review

LA Confidential;

Posh Pantry

Violiv violet glass will instantly give your pantry elegance and style. Its apothecary jars are perfect for keeping cereal, nuts, flour and spices fresh for months. The Violiv beverage and oil bottles are a healthy way to store drinking water because they allow beneficial wavelengths of light to “restructure” tap or commercially bottled water, giving it more of the properties of true spring water and  slowing bacterial and fungal growth. The 102-piece Ultimate Eco Pantry Set($2,757) is excellent if you’re just getting started stocking your kitchen. Violiv glassware is so cutting edge it’s currently only available at dispensaries such as PureLife Alternative Wellness Center, LA Wonderland  Caregivers and Fountain of Wellbeing. However, the line will be coming soon to select retailers, including Sur La Table and Whole Foods Market.