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VitalityGOODS...the original purveyors of retail miron glass.

About us - ancient Egyptian technology aten-akhenaten Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv VitalitygoodsMiron Research Strikes "Violet!"

Miron Violette-glass is a small manufacturer in Switzerland which through generations of research developed very special containers, uniquely formulated to preserve and enhance the vitality of organic goods stored within. After laboratory testing and validation, (due to high manufacturing/production costs), violet glass was sold only as original packaging for very exclusive foods, body care and medical products. Miron glass was not available for consumer use.

The Original retail Miron glass:

Violiv Vitality Glassware!

Co Founder and Daughter Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv VitalitygoodsHaving enthusiastically enjoyed a Miron water bottle and products packaged in violet glass for over a year, Anne Zuber, a young marketing visionary, sought out larger violet containers to store her organic raw almonds. After contacting the sole US importer she learned they were unavailable to the general public and they would not sell to her!
With 10 years of professional experience advancing the Natural Products Industry, Ms. Zuber was fully aware that her violet drinking vessel improved the quality and "structure" of her water and that the small jars she did have - were dramatically extending the freshness of her herbal salves. Armed with this knowledge and the troubling awareness that North American's discard over 40% of their generated and stored foods due to spoilage; Ms. Zuber sought the business investment to make this freshness preserving and very next-level eco-science available to the public. 
Co Founder  Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv VitalitygoodsDrawing on the conservation benefits, reduced carbon footprint and the significant health benefits of ingesting vitalized products; Ms. Zuber eventually found Cliff Tryer. As an entrepreneur growing a green home products business with a background in vortex technology, Mr. Tryer understood immediately the possibility of a science that could dynamically prolong shelf life through sustaining and vitalizing molecules. Soon after "Violiv" Vitality Glassware was born. Today Mr. Tryer is as enthusiastic as ever and has since handed off the green products business to focus fully on the nurturing of Vitality Glassware on a national scale.
 Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv Vitalitygoods
Making the Swiss Science of Violet Glass Available to the Public!

Retail  Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv Vitality goodsLaunching the innovative bio-vitalizing technology glass to the public began at organic and raw food shows as well as through wholesale distribution via the natural products industry, water and wellness retailers, educators, and holistic physicians. Very soon thereafter, medical cannabis consumers were introduced to the overwhelming benefits of vitality glassware for both curing and storing their high quality medicines.
Enter mmJars...
Sun coming though showing the violet color  Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv VitalitygoodsBy January 2010, Violiv and Vitality glassware had grown enough to have its own shipping house. After moving to our current location near Graton, CA, Vitality glassware and a private label wholesaler named Pirate Dave collaborated to launch a second brand. Focused solely on educating the medical marijuana industry; mmJars set out to educate the exponential medical dispensary demand for vitality preservation and potency enhancement. Aptly, mmJars is the only glass shown in full color photos and acclaimed in horticultural expert, Mel Thomas's book Cannabis Cultivation.
The Bio-Violet Evolution. 
Yoga pose  Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv VitalitygoodsNow available as Violiv Vitality Glassware and known by some as mmJars, the demand for Vitality Glassware is expanding into new and developing markets. Raw food customers, high end chefs, health experts, Yoga studios, vital living enthusiast and designers, seed savers, gardeners, wellness retreats and eco-spas are discovering the vast uses for the apothecary and twist-top varieties of this durable, heirloom quality, life enhancing glassware. 

We are Glad You Found This:

So profound has the impact of this work been that a number of competing businesses have copied our marketing and business model; launching other brand new companies! Of course we take this as a compliment and are glad for the benefits to our economy. Vitality Goods brings you Vitality Glassware the Original retail miron glass. By any name, it has been no small effort on our part to distribute violet glass to you as a next-level, value-add product. 


Welcome to Today (year end 2016):

For the time being, all things being in a constant flow, we must declare the OUT OF STOCK nature of Vitality Glassware brand of genuine Miron glass. 
It has been our pleasure to serve this violet, bio-science glass and to, we think, uplift the potential for deeply Vital Lives in each and every one we have touched with our passionate work.  
To our loyal, sweet and generous customers - we share just this information for your comfort and closure: With our business remaining a small staff of dedicated educators and our attention primarily on consulting with fine natural body care manufacturers, the world of Amazon, spin off brand price wars and free shipping just sort of ate away at our ability to support our work. We probably stayed a bit too long actually, and you are all a part of why...it has been such a pleasure!

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