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Miron Vitality Glassware

... from the Original Retailers of miron violet glass:


Benefits of Retailing Miron Vitality Glassware:

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  1. Oprah Set of  Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv Vitality goodsIntelligent margins.
  2. Flexible minimums.
  3. No minimum reorders!
  4. Quantity & case discounts.
  5. Staff education training provided.
  6. Dedicated customer service.
  7. Sales support materials provided.
  8. Merchandising assistance available.
  9. Eco, heirloom technology. Next Level Green.
  10. Visually stunning eco-glass = quick consistent sales.

Miron Vitality Glass bottles and jars were made available wholesale for retail sale in 2008. Until then, this next level eco science was only known to high quality product manufacturers for the purpose of protecting, preserving and nurturing their bio-active ingredients. Today our brands of Vitality Glassware are sold across the country in diverse brick and mortar markets as well as online with green and conscious retailers.

Natural Health Food Stores * Herbal Apothecary shops * Eco-Gift Boutiques * Organic and Green Lifestyle Stores * Naturopathic Clinics * Homeopathic Offices * Goddess Shops * Waldorf Schools * Bookshops of all kinds * Garden and Hydroponic Shops * Glass Shops * Medicinal Dispensaries * Interior Design Collectives * Kitchen Shops * Restaurant Services * Cafes * Spas * Green Hotels * Yoga Studios * Water stores * ...and the list continues to grow.

Miron Glass Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv VitalitygoodsTo share Vitality Glassware through your business first consider our available pricing structures:


Spices in  Miron Glass Miron violet glass biophotonic Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv Vitality goods

Quantity & Bulk Discounts 

Wholesale Pricing 

Distributor Pricing 

Direct-to-Manufacture Pricing 

  •  As you deliberate over your retail selection of styles please consider purchasing case discounts in variables of 6 (per unit). We custom craft special 6, 12 and 24 pack boxes, whenever possible, from reuse and recycled materials. 
  • Our Natural Sales Educators are available to work with and train your retail staff via phone, for their optimal understanding and your best bottom line.
  • Small and large manufactures welcome! Large orders can ship from our LA importer.
  • We are as Green a violet~office as possible.


VitalityGOODS is comprised of a small group of dedicated eco-educators who enjoy working to share and teach about this ground breaking eco-science. We are available by phone or email.

~ We look forward to working with you. ~

Genuine Swiss Made Miron Glass Miron violet glass biophotonic Violet Glass Vitality glassware Violiv Vitality goods

Anne Zuber        
Co-Founder / Sales and Training
Cliff Tryer        
Co-Founder / Shipping and Management
707 820-1158
Ben Pavlicheck        
Educator / East Coast

Standard Orders Ship from Sebastopol CA, USA